About Us

At Mad Bunny Coffee...

We're all about having a good time while trying to make your mornings a little bit better. Our rule of thumb?  If we can make your mornings better, then you'll go do amazing things throughout the day and make the world a little happier than the day before.

We take our coffees seriously, so you don't have to.  We're not snobs.  But we do understand you want good quality, coffee.  So we do all the sourcing and selecting for you.

It might be a little bit cliche... but here are our three ethos:

🌍 Sustainable Sourcing: Growing Good Vibes

Wouldn't it be great to know that you are starting your day by not only a great tasty cup of joe, but practicing sustainability while enjoying it?  We source from food systems and producers that share our vision of sustainability.  We do our best... we might not be perfect... but this is our goal.  

 A Better World Starts with Us

Touch the beans, hear the sound of beans grinding and brewing, smell that aroma of coffee, watch the beautiful creme, and your mind is immediately transported to a happier place. 

Let's mediate on all the amazing opportunity the day will bring with that first cup of Mad Bunny Coffee.

🤝 Caring for Yourself and One Another

We hope Bob and Stuart brings a little smile each day for you, and we hope you can carry that forth with others.  

Jump into our website to check out coffees that'll make you smile, and just by enjoying a cup of coffee you will be joining the Mad Bunny movement. Together, we're not just dreaming of a better world – we're doing it with one cup of coffee at a time!

Live, Love, and Java!  (Not the programming kind...:p )